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Gutter Cleaning

We are fully licensed and insured in the State of New Jersey for gutter cleaning and repair. Gutter cleaning is a form of preventative maintenance. Clogged gutters do not allow water to properly drain and move away from your home. In the short-term this can cause flooding in your basement and pools of stagnant water that provide a breeding ground for mosquito larvae. You may not even realize there’s a problem until we get heavy rain or a serious storm! In the long-term, overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to your home’s woodwork, walls, shingles and foundation.

This is why we offer a customized gutter maintenance program. We evaluate your home and property to recommend the best gutter cleaning solution for you. Many customers neglect their gutters and only clean them once or twice a year. It is important to maintain a clean gutter. It may not be necessary to clean your gutters five times a year but a majority of my customers should be maintaining clean gutters three to four times a year depending on your property. We offer discounts when you sign up for three or more cleanings.

Patriot Gutter Cleaning Schedule

March- Once trees have born their leaves, to clean out all the oak tassels, seed pods, ragweed, "helicopters" and other debris that lands all over our properties.

June- To clean out all the oak tassels, seed pods, ragweed, “helicopters” and other debris that lands on our properties.

August- To remove windblown debris such as twigs, branches and leaves caused by summer thunderstorms.

October- To remove clogs caused by leaves during the fall season.

Late Fall- A final end of the year cleaning when all the leaves have fallen, before the winter freeze.

Cleanings per year 2 Times 3-4 Times 5 Times
Small House $65 $60 $55
Average House $85 $80 $75

Our competitions’ average price is $115. We are 26% cheaper. With Patriot Gutter Cleaning, the more you clean the more you save! Maintain your gutters correctly and protect your investment.